4-Pack UniSleeve™ Tether System

4-Pack UniSleeve™ Tether System

4-Pack Actio™ Smartphone Tether Systems

A 4-pack of Actio™ Smartphone Tether Systems. Keep your smartphone accessible while hiking, bike commuting, dog walking, & more. An easy-to-use mounting plate has strong 3M® peel-and-stick adhesive backing and mounts securely to phone cases and more. An extra strength internal magnet in the base plate secures your phone to the handy PakBand™. The included coiled tethers provides extra peace of mind while on the go.

SPECIAL 4 PACK DEAL! Normally $7.00 each...Get a pack of 4 for only $15

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Parts Included:

  • 4 Magnetic PakBands™
  • 4 3M® Adhesive Mounting Plates
  • 4 Coiled Tethers
Features List
  • Low-profile 3M® peel-and-stick plate easily attaches to your main or spare phone case.* An integrated clip allows you to conveniently attach and detach your phone or device from the included tether and PakBand™. Attach PakBand™ to pack straps, belt loops, or other easy to access locations.
  • Compatible with most Apple® and Samsung® devices
  • Regularly $7 apiece
  • USAGE TIP: After application, let adhesive cure before use. Max strength obtained after 3 days. *3M® Adhesive does not bond to silicone rubber cases
Sale $2.00
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